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Nichole is a very professional, well organized and ethical person. She was the go to person for a number of tasks that not only included Project Management. Nichole's handled and enormous amount of responsibilities at 21st Century Programming. When Nichole decided to change career goal her responsibilities had to be divided amongst numerous staff members. This only solidified the amount of work and responsibility she had. Her absence was greatly felt after her leaving. I would highly recommend Nichole.

Eddie Rivera
Eddie Rivera Network Infrastructure Manager at SYMVIONICS Inc.

Nichole is the kind of leader that can take on any size challenge and succeed. While working together, she did a great job enlarging her position and keeping the group organized and on track.

Paul Harker
Paul Harker Progressive Technologist


Nichole is not only a true professional, but an even greater person. She is outgoing, considerate, and positive in all that she does. As a result, her communication style and dedication to both her peers and her customers is always sincere and helpful. While working together, she managed a great deal of product detail info, schedules, logistics, and personalities. She did so with organization, poise, and commitment to those that depended on her. Any business would be well-served to have someone like her working for and consulting on behalf of for not only greater results, but an even greater team and culture.

Steve Swensen
Steve Swensen Talent Development Manager, Google Account at CBRE

Nichole is a dynamo! She goes after any and every project with determination and zeal!

Philip Rafle
Philip Rafle Sales Manager of the Recycling Operations Manager (ROM) Software

Nichole and I were partners and colleagues on a high-performance team of entrepreneurs at CEO Space Business Growth Conference. Nichole is a total "team player" without a hint of any "what's in it for me" attitude or behavior. She is easy to talk to, giving of herself and her expertise, and an excellent listener. I am most impressed with her ideas (of course!) and that she takes action on implementing them. She is clear with her strategies, open to help and suggestions, and gets things done. I'm honored to be a part of Nichole's life!

Sylvia Henderson
Sylvia Henderson Pitch Coach | Trainer: Idea Success Network

I have had the pleasure of working with Nicole and has always proven herself to be driven. Professional, enthusiastic and a "get it done right" attitude. She is constantly looking for ways to improve her business ventures and satisfy her clients. Nichole is an individual who, one can trust and rely on 100%. A diverse individual in the business world! I would recommend Nichole any day!

Armando Fernandez
Armando Fernandez Lead Developer at Mandiux Studios

Nichole Carpenter is an amazing woman. Her skill and kindness are great.

SIR Bruno Serato
SIR Bruno Serato Owner of the Anaheim White House restaurant

Nichole is a bright, innovative and creative business owner. She is honest and has her customer's best interest at heart. She is also an encourager who sees the best in people and will invest in them to help them achieve their dreams. She does not just care about profits, she sees beyond that. I know that she will be extremely successful in any business or personal venture she participate in.

Dimitri Dixon
Dimitri Dixon Associate Director, Valuation & Advisory at Cushman & Wakefield of CA

I have known Nichole since she was a child. Friends of her family. Nichole is a very innovative young lady who is very passionate in what ever she does. She is committed to her work and very service oriented. Very friendly and professional. Very sincere passion for people.

Rick Faulkner
Rick Faulkner West Coast Field Rep at The Spirit of Freedom Ministries

In a word, what I have observed in Nichole is dedication, perseverance, style, and integrity. If you wish to work with her, I believe that these traits are a great foundation on which to build a long-term business relationship with Nichole.

Mark Winstein
Mark Winstein Founder: Urban Ultralight, Author: The Flower Economy

Nichole is dedicated, sincere, and honest. She pours her heart and energy into goals and projects. Compassion is one of her many positive qualities.

Deanna Barnes
Deanna Barnes Independent Writing and Editing Professional